Snore Remedies – Non-Invasive versus Invasive Solutions

It’s but normal for someone to snore occasionally but if it happens on a regular basis then it will surely affect the quality of sleep that he and his roommate gets. Although there are some people who can sleep soundly besides the noise that surrounds them, generally most people prefer silence while sleeping. Snoring if others don’t know is considered as a serious health issue. This can lead to fatigue, irritability, drowsiness, dizziness and decrease one’s alertness. Continuous lack of proper sleep can lead to more serious health problems and relationship issues.

Looking for the Best Snoring Remedy

Some people consider sleeping in different bedrooms once they snore however it is better to consider some snore remedies to achieve good quality of sleep. There are many snore remedies available which can help anyone for their snore problems. The reasons why people snore may vary from one person to another which ranges from excess weight, side effects of cardiac medicines and the position of the tongue while sleeping. It is necessary then to find out the real cause of snore and how often he snores prior to finding the best snore remedy that suits him.Snore Remedies

There are people who have loose tissue in their throat as well as nasal passages which vibrate as they breathe during sleeping. This is where the rattling sound comes from which is termed as snoring. In other cases, the tongue falls back into the throat and creates blockage, thus obstruct clear breathing which can lead to snoring. At times, too much soft tissues or layers of fat that exists on the neck put pressure on the airway when lying down which can lead to snoring as well. Anyway there are several invasive and non-invasive procedures that can be used to cure snoring.

Non-invasive Procedures

If you have tried different home remedies for your snoring problems and found them ineffective then it’s time to try other non-invasive snore remedies before considering undergoing under the knife. But before going through this, it is vital to seek advice from your ENT or otolaryngologist first so that he can give you advice about getting the right device for your snoring.

Some sprays and drops can help with snoring. Try Asonor which is one of the leading oral application nasal drops and is said to be effective in helping one stop snoring. After conducting clinical trials and some researches, Asonor has showed considerable reduction in snoring. It works to contract the excess tissue thus keeps the airways open and at the same time lubricated and help one breathe better.

Other than the nasal sprays and drops, some dental appliances can also be used for snoring remedies. This includes mouth guards which can help prevent the tongue from falling at the back of the throat.

Invasive Surgeries

Some of the invasive surgeries that help stop or at least reduced snoring are Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP), tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy which serves to enlarge the width of t airway and helps reduce the excess tissue. With these, they act to minimize snoring.

Additionally, newer technology and developments have introduced laser treatments which include somnoplasty and uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) which eliminate the excessive soft palate and reduces snoring.

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