3 Herbal Snoring Remedies

Snorers and their roommates who are longing for a good quality of sleep can have a natural, non-invasive treatment. In America there are about 85 million who experience snoring which can lead to physical and mental exhaustion and even sudden death. While some of them undergo surgical methods, others remain suffering from such problem and they do believe that nothing can solve their problem. It’s good to know however that there are effective herbal remedies that can help correct snoring. These are available in the market, wherein some of them are advertised to decrease the tendency to snore because they help open the nasal passageways to make normal breathing during asleep. Here are some of the useful herbal remedies.

Herbal Snoring Remedy #1: SnorEase

SnorEase is manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine which contains three main ingredients namely, immature bitter orange, Bromelain and Co-Q10. The bitter orange contains synephrine, which acts to relieve congestion and phlegm from the nasal passageways. It also stops the production of histamine which causes congestion. The other ingredient which is Bromelain is a kind of enzyme which is found in some foods and that it helps break down mucous. Lastly Co-Q10 assists with the circulatory system to promote healthy breathing during night time sleep.Herbal Snoring Remedies

Herbal Snoring Remedy #2: HerbChina

Another herbal snoring remedy is HerbChina which suggests a nine herb combination known as JSN as a snoring remedy. As reported by some physicians, there are 95% among the patients who suffered from snoring which improved or were cured with the use of JSN.

Herbal Snoring Remedy #3: Snorerelief

An herbal snoring remedy which acts to lubricate the throat, tongue and uvula is the Snorerelief. It comes as herbal spray and this contains sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil and vitamins B6, C and E. Snore M.D., offers free samples from their website. Snore noted that their product is 100% natural herbal snoring remedy and per their record there are more than 150,000 customers who are satisfied with Snorerelief. Snore M.D. combined digestive enzymes and natural herbs to metabolize too much congestion and shrink nasal and respiratory passages.


One can find several herbal snoring remedies through the internet however it is hard to determine the quality and effectiveness of the product by simply visiting a website. Anyway there are some communities where you can find some herbalists and other alternative health practitioners who can assist you in choosing the right herbal remedy which you can use for your condition. Presently, a lot of these healthcare professionals have experience with herbal treatments thus they can show you the right direction of a trusted alternative medicine provider.


It is true that people with snoring problems resort to herbal remedy, health care professionals which include herbalists, recommends discussing your condition with them prior to the use of any herbal supplement. Although it is believed that herbs are generally safe to take and do not cause side effects, there are certain herbal remedies that cause interaction with prescription medications. Take note also that herbal snoring remedies are not being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which means that they don’t need to prove their effectiveness. Herbal snoring remedies according to some are capable of solving snoring problems but to some people they say that herbal remedies do not have any impact on the condition.

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